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27 November 2008

Evaluation of Google Summer of Code 2008 for VideoLAN

This is a post to summarize and evaluate the work that we did this year, compared to last year too.

This was our second year of the Google Summer of Code project.

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11 March 2008

H264 encoding: "some boring x264 stuff that you’d better not forget.

Copy from IRC and thresh's blog

From Dark_Shikari.

Absolutely 100% generic commandline for maximum quality without stupidly insanely slow options:
 –bime –bframes 16 –trellis 1 –mixed-refs –8×8dct –subme 7 –b-rdo –me umh –direct auto –b-pyramid –weightb –threads auto –ref 8
For extra slow, add –no-fast-pskip, –merange 32, and –partitions all
for more slow, raise –ref to 16, and –me to esa
and also, get the latest AQ build and use my AQ at strength 0.7-1.0 or something.
if you want faster encoding
1) Lower –ref to 4
2) lower subme to 6, remove –b-rdo
3) remove me umh
if you want realtime encoding you’ll have to go lower on most machines

2 March 2008

VLC switched to Git

Everything is in $subject.

Anyway, to check out the VLC repository, now:

git clone git://

Have fun!

25 May 2007

Bored with Debian - x264 patents

Debian has removed the x264 package from debian...

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