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10 July 2014

Website refresh

My website was totally old fashioned, empty and outdated.
If you've come here in the past, you know exactly what I mean. :D

So after almost 10 years, it was time to update it.

I've removed a lot of pages, but you can still have access to my blog, my resume, my contact information and my projects.

There are still things in transitions, so it's normal if you still see some issues.


It's a new totally fresh and original design, responsive and written from scratch by me.

I think my CSS and frontend skills have improved a lot with this project.


The global style is partly based on bootstrap, for the menu and the grid system.

The blog is still powered by Dotclear, that I updated to the latest release (2.6.3).

However, I had to write a new theme, because the ones I found on DotAddict were either too clumsy or too hard to articulate with bootstrap.
I might share this theme, if some people are interested.

The rest of the website is custom code, without framework, but is simpler to manage for me, than the old system.


Don't hesitate to give me CSS suggestions, to report 404 or other bugs you are experiencing.

23 November 2011

Dotclear 2.4 upgrade

Yet another upgrade of Dotclear for this blog. The version is now 2.4.0.

All went absolutely fine, as usual, except the need to edit the config.php to add a line like this:


And after relogging into the admin section, a new style is there, your dotclear with the same cools things and almost the same issues...

17 May 2011

Dotclear 2.3 upgrade

Blog and dotclear

As you might know, I am still running a dotclear core for the blog part of this website...

The rest of the website is still some custom code written by me.


For some reasons, I have never moved from dotclear to Wordpress, like everyone advised me to do.

The biggest reason is probably that this blog using dotclear just works fine for me and I haven't had major issues...

If it ain't broken, don't fix it!

So, I thought that the Dotclear team was 100% dead, until this morning when I saw that there was an upgrade available. Unbelievable!

The upgrade process was hyper-simple and easy, like usual, and everything is working like before. The new administration panel is quite better looking and more clear to use.

If you see any issue, please tell me.

16 April 2008

Dotclear 2.0RC in may!

As you might know, this blog runs with dotclear2.

The Dotclear 2 development was more than slow, but they seemed to catch up lately:

Dotclear 2 announce

This is good news.

4 November 2006

Un nouveau blog ?

Voilà, le nouveau look du site est en place!

Après m'être bien battu contre les CSS et IE6, je crois que j'ai à peu près réussi.

Un blog de plus !

Et oui, j'ai donc installé de nouveau un blog. Les anciens blogs sur devraient être re-dirigés ici dans quelques jours. Par contre, cette fois-ci, j'ai modifé profondément le système de blog afin que cette zone ne soit qu'une partie de mon site.

Que va-t-on trouver sur ce blog ?

Je ne sais pas encore, mais surement de l'avancement sur ma vie professionnelle et mes projets.