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3 March 2009

Howto build VLC 1.0.0-git in Ubuntu in less than 5 commands.

Since building VLC is easier and easier now, I am compelled to improve my HOWTOS. Here is one for Ubuntu, that can easily adapt to Debian.

This is not a complete and detailed post, but just a summary. If you need more details, take the Build on Intrepid HOWTO.

Get all you need

sudo apt-get build-dep vlc && sudo apt-get install libtool build-essential automake1.10 git-core

Get the source

git clone git://


cd vlc && ./bootstrap

mkdir build && cd build && ../configure --disable-nls --enable-qt4



26 November 2008

Build VLC media player under Ubuntu Intrepid

This post is an update of the popular howto for Build VLC with feisty and Build VLC with hardy.

Those articles are always popular on my blog, so here is an update.

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28 March 2008

Build VLC media player under Ubuntu Hardy (8.04)

I found an ubuntu hardy installation, and needed to test something on the trunk of VLC so I needed to compile a VLC for it. Here is a complete HOWTO to do the same !

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5 March 2008

Howto build VLC on Windows on a fresh Windows

Hello to everyone!

Yet again

I already explained how to compile trunk versions of VLC on linux, ubuntu and debian.

I rewrote the howto for Windows, using CYGWIN and put it on our wiki.

Find it here.

4 February 2008

VLC: misc and builds

Just some miscellaneous news about VLC and build systems:

  • Tree Cleaning: we decided to clean the tree of all the not really necessaries folder that are around now. See the wiki.
  • There is some experiments to build VLC using CMake inside the main tree. Checkout the latest VLC to test it.
  • Windows nightly builds are back after the big changes in the building and in the config.h changes.
  • New contribs with updated 3rd party libraries are done for windows.
  • Windows CE and Symbian port are advancing... Not yet released, and ETA is really unknown.
  • Roadmap are changing, more about that soon.

10 November 2007

Building a vlc from scratch in CentOS 5.0/RHEL5

Following the HOWTO for debian/sid and ubuntu/feisty, here is a link to an howto, not written by me on how to build for RHEL or Centos 5.0

It is almost accurate, so please read it.

Have a nice week end!

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