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11 May 2011

State of VideoLAN

It's been a long time

It's been a long time since the last time I wrote something long enough around here.
But the cool thing is that it is due to being working quite a lot on VLC and different projects...

So, how well is VideoLAN? How well is VLC?

In this post, I will come back on a few points that happened in our last year.

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24 October 2009

VideoLAN and April

This is a short post topic about the VideoLAN association.

What is April ?

Pioneer of free software in France, April has been since 1996 a major player in the democratization and the spread of Free Software and open standards to the general public, professionals and institutions in the French-speaking world. In the digital era that is ours, it also aims to inform the public on the dangers of an exclusive appropriation of information an knowledge by private interests. The association is made up of individuals, companies, associations and organizations from various backgrounds who share the values of freedom.

VideoLAN and April

As of today, the VideoLAN association (or non-profit organization) is now a full member of the April association.

We have worked together quite a few times, and you might have seen the April’s campaigns on, but we weren’t officially a member.

However, now that VideoLAN has a clean association and status, we were able to formalize this relationship.

Let’s hope it will be for the best.