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27 June 2007

New Wiki skin, forum & links


Just a short 'billet' to tell the one interested that we have set a new wiki skin thanks to aLtgLasS.

Wiki VideoLAN

Hopefully, trac and will follow. And this website should do the same. But I don't have time to do it.


Our forum has changed and uses now phpBB 3.0. New skins, new functions, less spam... We hope you like it.

Tutorial (fr) and links

Someone gave us a nice tutorial about how to use VLC as a relaying server to stream live your webcam on the Net. Tutorial (fr) .

Be aware that in 0.9.0, you can do the same, but use flash video to put it on your website.

Updates have changed.

25 January 2007

Websites, WIki (2): Final

As promised in a previous post, the Rework of the Website (developers') and the wiki is finished! It has been annonced on vlc-devel mailing list.


A lot of work has been done by H2g2bob and myself in order to:

  • Provide correctly thought access pages (Main Page and Developers mainly) for the content and the design.
  • Provide a lot of new pages : we have over 250 pages!
  • Provide a lot of new categories, links to wikipedia and Multimedia's Wiki, new templates.
  • Provide a new Knowledge Base.
  • Rewrite a few pages, regroup other, relink Orphaned pages.
  • Move Developers HowTOs to the wiki.

The site design was bad, and not really up-to-date, with a different method of coding than the main site and was dying...

So, I moved all the changing pages to the Wiki (like Windows Compile, OSX compile, etc...) and I just let the important ones, that would not change, (introduction to one of the projects, for eg.) and those who couldn't fit in a wiki, on that site.

The site has been merged with the main site, so the look and feel is common!

The actual difficult part was to do a correct .htaccess with the good RewriteRules to avoid a lot of 404s!


I also made on all the important users Websites (Wiki, Forum, Web) some better links across them.

Final thoughts

I am happy this has been done, since it was a bit boring, but very necessary. :D

I still need to fix a few things on the main website. We'll see that later.

21 December 2006

Sites and Wiki ReWork

I have started to clean a bit VideoLAN's site, Developers' site and a lot in the Wiki.

You'll see the results in a couple of days.

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