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10 July 2014

Website refresh

My website was totally old fashioned, empty and outdated.
If you've come here in the past, you know exactly what I mean. :D

So after almost 10 years, it was time to update it.

I've removed a lot of pages, but you can still have access to my blog, my resume, my contact information and my projects.

There are still things in transitions, so it's normal if you still see some issues.


It's a new totally fresh and original design, responsive and written from scratch by me.

I think my CSS and frontend skills have improved a lot with this project.


The global style is partly based on bootstrap, for the menu and the grid system.

The blog is still powered by Dotclear, that I updated to the latest release (2.6.3).

However, I had to write a new theme, because the ones I found on DotAddict were either too clumsy or too hard to articulate with bootstrap.
I might share this theme, if some people are interested.

The rest of the website is custom code, without framework, but is simpler to manage for me, than the old system.


Don't hesitate to give me CSS suggestions, to report 404 or other bugs you are experiencing.

7 January 2010 stats for 2009: 90 million visits

2009, a transition year for VideoLAN

As I was saying in my presentation at the VideoLAN Dev Days 2009, 2009 was an important year for VideoLAN:

  • VideoLAN has become an non-profit organization
  • VideoLAN Dev Days (end of ‘08) helped to structure and take decisions
  • VLC 1.0.0 was tagged and released
  • DVBlast and VLMC were started
  • Acceleration of development, and communication around VLC and VideoLAN
  • Lots of ideas for the future were discussed.

Statistics and Website

One of the question we have the most is: How many users VLC has?. The answer is quite difficult to get, and we’ll rediscuss about it later.

However, there are trends that are easy to measure, and Google Trends is not the only option here. :)

One of the important way to measure the VLC popularity is to check the audience of Website and its increase. numbers for 2009

In 2009:

  1. VideoLAN has seen over 90 million visits on its website,
  2. from 68million different IPs.
  3. Pages view are around 480million pages.
  4. Best month was december, with 9,25 million visits.
  5. 0 advertisement.
  6. and is hosted on a single machine :)

Compared to 2008, this is an increase of 50%, since we had 60 million visits in 2008!

Operating Systems changes

Comparing December 2009 to 2008, our traffic is split like this:

  • Windows: 79,3% (from 81,4%)
    • Windows 7: 17%
    • Windows Vista: 16.6% (from 21%)
    • Windows XP: 43,6% (from 57,2%)
    • Windows 2000: 0,5% (from 1.1%)
    • Windows 9x/Me: 0.3% (from 0.8%)
  • Mac OS X: 12,4% (from 10.8%)
  • Linux: 4.1% from 5.2%

And the rest…

Conclusion: nothing surprising here, and we see that 7 is already ahead of Vista… We were right to drop Win9x support :D

Browsers changes

Comparing December 2009 to 2008, our traffic is split like this:

  • Firefox: 42,8% (from 45,3%)
  • Internet Explorer: 33,9% (from 39%)
    • IE6: 7.8% (from 14%)
    • IE7: 7.8% (from 23,4%)
    • IE8: 17.7% (from 0.7%)
  • Safari: 8.3% (from 8.9%)
  • Opera: 3.1% (from 3.2%)
  • Chrome: 6.5% (from 0.7%)

Conclusion: well, here, seeing Firefox loosing 3% in one year (in fact 2% in December alone) seemed weird, while Google Chrome is quite strong. I can’t say I am much surprised though.

25 January 2007

Websites, WIki (2): Final

As promised in a previous post, the Rework of the Website (developers') and the wiki is finished! It has been annonced on vlc-devel mailing list.


A lot of work has been done by H2g2bob and myself in order to:

  • Provide correctly thought access pages (Main Page and Developers mainly) for the content and the design.
  • Provide a lot of new pages : we have over 250 pages!
  • Provide a lot of new categories, links to wikipedia and Multimedia's Wiki, new templates.
  • Provide a new Knowledge Base.
  • Rewrite a few pages, regroup other, relink Orphaned pages.
  • Move Developers HowTOs to the wiki.

The site design was bad, and not really up-to-date, with a different method of coding than the main site and was dying...

So, I moved all the changing pages to the Wiki (like Windows Compile, OSX compile, etc...) and I just let the important ones, that would not change, (introduction to one of the projects, for eg.) and those who couldn't fit in a wiki, on that site.

The site has been merged with the main site, so the look and feel is common!

The actual difficult part was to do a correct .htaccess with the good RewriteRules to avoid a lot of 404s!


I also made on all the important users Websites (Wiki, Forum, Web) some better links across them.

Final thoughts

I am happy this has been done, since it was a bit boring, but very necessary. :D

I still need to fix a few things on the main website. We'll see that later.

21 December 2006

Sites and Wiki ReWork

I have started to clean a bit VideoLAN's site, Developers' site and a lot in the Wiki.

You'll see the results in a couple of days.

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