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Thursday, May 28 2009

VLC 1.0.0 RC 2

1.0.0 RC2

VLC 1.0.0 RC2 (Second Release Candidate) is out!

As all releases of VLC 1.0.0, it introduces:

  • many new codecs (True HD, DD+, AES3, RV40, SCTE-20, dirac…)
  • various playback core improvements (frame-by-frame, live-recording, instant pausing, etc…)
  • interface improvements
  • interface customization
  • better multi-channel audio support
  • better subtitles support
  • global hotkeys
  • better integration in GTK environments
  • better integration in KDE
  • and so many other bugfixes

Skins contest

And there is a Skins2 contest going on!

Please spread the news!

Wednesday, December 10 2008

ToolBar Editor

Working screenshot:

Saturday, November 24 2007

Clarifications for Qt4 interface

According to the post that I made about Qt4 toolkit and the comments I have seen about it, here are a few clarifications.

  • Mac OS isn't concerned about that change. Cocoa and CoreAnimation will remain native.
  • Qt4 is GPL for all platforms and VLC will stay GPL for all platforms. It wasn't like that before, but it is now true.
  • On linux and Unix, both GUI, wx and Qt can still be compiled, so if you want a GTK only desktop, you can still use wxGTK. However, we only support and fix Qt GUI. So if you don't like Qt for religious reasons, you can have it otherwise.
  • On windows, only Qt interface will be shipped by default. If you need the wx dll, you can ask it for the first new versions, especially because there can be some regressions.
  • BeOS isn't concerned since the trunk doesn't compile on gcc2.95
  • Finally, some people are working on a GTK interface.

I hope that the troll will calm down.

Friday, August 3 2007

Qt4 interface: screenshot

I know I haven't posted a lot of things lately on this very blog.

I know that the image will not fit correctly the screen, especially if you use an old browser (meaning IE6)

But still:

Monday, April 23 2007

VideoLAN: What I have been doing lately?

Hello to everyone,

This blog has been silent for a couple of weeks. I am so sorry. Let me explain you why.

Google Summer of Code

I had to finish all the stuff about the new students, a lot of discussion, reviews and choices for GSoC. All the team trusted me on the choice, so, that was difficult. But I am very happy with everything we have come up with.

Thanks Google!

Holidays and elections

  • Two weeks ago, it was easter's week end,
  • Last week, I was in Bretagne to help for one of my friends' wedding,
  • Yesterday, I was in Paris, for the French presidential elections.

Therefore, I wasn't home enough to work and document for VLC.

0.8.6b release

As some have noticed we had a small release on VLC branch. This is going to be the latest on this branch, I think. But I had to do win32 binaries and source tarballs... We still have issues with Vista, but well, until drivers are correctly written, we cannot do what we want...

0.9.0 - Qt4

I was chasing bugfix and not really adding new features. This will change in the next few days.

Monday, March 26 2007

GUI, ergonomics and gestures


Working on VLC media player interface, I found that clicking on menus and buttons was really un-natural. Lots of people have already said that, of course.

That is why I gave a look at VLC media player Mouse Gestures.

Mouse Gestures

Most of the important code was already written by Dnumgis, but not the functional part. There was four gestures and I re-mapped them to have new actions.

Number of actions:

To ease the use of those gestures, I had decided to use only one-movements and two-movements actions, since three-movements are difficult for some people. And I decided to remove all double-movement (left-left, right-right, etc..) for the same timing reason.

So I had space for 4 x 5 - 4 = 16 actions.

New mapping:

You will find the new bindings on our wiki.

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