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25 January 2007

Websites, WIki (2): Final

As promised in a previous post, the Rework of the Website (developers') and the wiki is finished! It has been annonced on vlc-devel mailing list.


A lot of work has been done by H2g2bob and myself in order to:

  • Provide correctly thought access pages (Main Page and Developers mainly) for the content and the design.
  • Provide a lot of new pages : we have over 250 pages!
  • Provide a lot of new categories, links to wikipedia and Multimedia's Wiki, new templates.
  • Provide a new Knowledge Base.
  • Rewrite a few pages, regroup other, relink Orphaned pages.
  • Move Developers HowTOs to the wiki.

The site design was bad, and not really up-to-date, with a different method of coding than the main site and was dying...

So, I moved all the changing pages to the Wiki (like Windows Compile, OSX compile, etc...) and I just let the important ones, that would not change, (introduction to one of the projects, for eg.) and those who couldn't fit in a wiki, on that site.

The site has been merged with the main site, so the look and feel is common!

The actual difficult part was to do a correct .htaccess with the good RewriteRules to avoid a lot of 404s!


I also made on all the important users Websites (Wiki, Forum, Web) some better links across them.

Final thoughts

I am happy this has been done, since it was a bit boring, but very necessary. :D

I still need to fix a few things on the main website. We'll see that later.

15 December 2006

Over 1 Million Downloads...

Hey !

The new release (0.8.6) has been released less than one week ago, and is already over 1 million downloads. And a lot of them haven't been counted because of the website being down.

Long life to this release.

Next version

Next version of VLC wil be 0.9.0 - Grishenko. I can already told you that it will have:

  • A new GUI using Qt4 libraries instead of WxWidgets,
  • I hope a new default skin, if we agree in the Team,
  • A new documentation
  • Fullscreen controls ?
  • Change in the hotkeys ?
  • New JS API, New libvlc API, New Java bindings.

and a lot more !

Next version will be there in Springs !