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5 August 2014

libdvdread, libdvdnav and libdvdcss releases

Dvdread and Dvdnav

libdvdread and libdvdnav have had a history of poor maintenance and numerous forks (and merges), with numerous lapse of time without active maintainers.

As a result, those libraries were in a sorry state, crashing a lot (crashing VLC more than libavcodec or filling up distribution BTS), while the DVD protections were getting stronger than ever...

Last year, after some work on libbluray, I decided to take over the maintenance of those DVD libraries. And here are the first releases of the new libdvdread, libdvdnav, coupled with a libdvdcss one...

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19 July 2014

VLC, Android and DVDs

DVD on Android

If you're like me, you probably have a large number of DVDs at your place.

Of course, the DVD format is outdated, but it has a few advantages:

  • Everything is available on DVDs and it's cheap to buy,
  • It's cheap to decode MPEG-2 with any CPU (even mobile),
  • It's very simple and well supported,
  • It has menus and bonuses,
  • Most patents for decoding DVDs are over (or almost),
  • It does not need an Internet connection to work.

Adding to the fact that you have probably numerous legally bought DVDs in your home, and that VLC plays DVDs since a long time, we've decided to add DVD support on VLC for Android.

It's also great when you travel, in car, trains or planes.

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5 December 2011

VLC 1.2.0 features: part 2, formats

VLC 1.2.0

I've spoken already about VLC 1.2.0, especially about video, video again and authoring.

However, I haven't spoken about the format supported in VLC 1.2, even if there were some hints in my last post.

Discs and devices


One of the major cool thing of 1.2, will be a (very partial) support for Blu-Rays.

Through the VideoLAN project libbluray, VLC 1.2 should be able to open unencrypted disks and backup folders.

Playback of commercially encrypted disks is also doable, but I won't detail the setup here.


The whole stack of DVD playback libraries has been updated for VLC 1.2.0.

The releases of libdvdnav, libdvdread, libdvdcss should help to playback more recent disks and fix quite a few annoying issues.

Capture devices

  • In addition to quite a few fixes on DirectShow and V4L2 capture modules, QTCapture and QTSound capture modules were added for VLC for MacOS X. Requiring QuickTime 7.6.3, it should allow VLC to play, record and stream any QTKit device.
  • Decklink and DVEO/Linsys/ComputerModules SDI and SDI-HD cards are now supported as input.
  • PulseAudio devices are now supported as input too.

File formats and protocols

Adaptive Streaming

VLC 1.2 should support, at least partially:

  • HTTP live streaming, aka HLS, in both live and VOD mode;
  • MPEG DASH, aka Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP, in at least 2 profiles.

Those are still under heavy work, help is welcome.

File formats

First, we will have a completely rewritten support for still images playback. The removal of the old fake module should help to make simpler diaporamas with VLC.

Of course, VLC supports new formats, like caf, mtv, awb, f4v, amr, vro (DVD-VR), VDR recordings folders, EBU subtitles (stl). It also supports sid files, from Commodore 64.

The most important improvements to our existent formats should concern Matroska and TS.

A lot of work has been spent on our Matroska demuxer, to handle split-segments and correct seeking. There is still some work to do, but it should be light-year ahead of VLC 1.1.x.

For broadcast and professional people, in addition to the STL subtitles, we have now durations in the Mpeg2 TS files.


Finally, we've worked quite a bit on the Metadata support for most file formats.

APE tags, Ogg tags, seeking in flv, mxf, amr should be better supported. Also, as frequently requested, embedded cover arts in wmv, asf, wma are now correctly detected. The missing bits for cover art support are mainly for MKV and APE formats.

Styles for various subtitles formats are also better supported, especially for simple file formats.


Codecs support has also improved quite a bit, but that's for the next blogpost. :D

3 December 2011

Disc libraries releases: bluray, aacs, dvdcss

So, we are working quite actively on VLC 1.2. Many improvements were merged into VLC 1.2, notably for DVD and Blu-Ray playback.

Therefore, there were a few releases of libraries used by VLC, lately.

libbluray 0.2.1

A contrario of this weird number, this is actually the first release of libbluray that is usable.

libbluray is an open-source library designed for Blu-Ray Discs playback for media players, like VLC, xine or MPlayer.

It could be seen as the equivalent to libdvdnav, but for Blu-Ray Discs.

libaacs 0.3.0

In spite of this weird number too, this is actually the first release of libaacs.

libaacs is an open-source library implementing the AACS specification, for all systems, for interoperability.

True, stand-alone, it is of very little use :D

libdvdcss 1.2.11

I am, de facto, the new maintainer of libdvdcss. Congratz to me!

Therefore, I've done a release: 1.2.11.

This is just a boring release, just to incorporate patches and small maintenance, but shows that the project is still alive.

Other libraries

I just wanted to mention that:

  • libdvdnav 4.2.0
  • libdvdread 4.2.0
  • libdvbpsi 0.2.2 (not disc related)

were released too, in the last weeks.

Those projects are still alive and maintained. Cool.