In order to do some Windows development for VLC, I just bought myself a new machine:

  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550
  • Noctua NH-U12P
  • 2x2GB G.Skill RAM
  • Asus P5Q-E
  • Radeon HD4670
  • Pioneer DVD-Drive
  • Samsung Spinpoint F1 1TB
  • Sonata 3 Case


I had huge issues to make this working correctly.


First, my Asus board controller was completely broken... I couldn't boot ANY install CD and memtest was screaming so much...

I went back to the store to change it...

Graphic Card

I initially had the gigabyte HD4670, with a native HDMI output.

The fan was so load (100%) all the time that this was such a pain, I couldn't deal with it.

I went back to the store, and they changed it to another Gigabyte that had the same problem. Therefore, they gave me a Sapphire and the card has been working great so far.


Finally, I couldn't boot the Vista 64bits CD because of some issue that made the installer crash. In fact, when trying to load a driver to run the CD, the Vista64bit installer from the CD was just crashing...

I tried different stuffs, but my old DVD writer could get an improvement with the rest of the machine...


The computer is very fast and Vista64 is not that bad... Windows still crashes way too much (one BSOD every 2 days or so, usually in USB driver or NTFS driver), but well, what did I expect?