Almost 6 months after libbluray 0.8.0, I'm delighted to announce libbluray 0.9.0!

We published, in the meantime, a version 0.8.1, that was focused on fixing the biggest regressions of 0.8.0.
Between 0.8.0 and 0.9.0, we had around 100 commits.

libbluray 0.9.0 introduces a few cool features:

  • new API to access files from the VFS: bd_get_meta_file() and bd_read_file(), this is useful for embedded subtitles,
  • better support for usage in C++ projects
  • largely improved support of the BD-J menus and features
  • fixed Xlet font-caching (with security checking)
  • caching of BD-J bdjo objects
  • numerous fixes for crashes and small issues

Have fun testing it!