libbluray 0.8.0

After releasing new DVD libraries, it's time we released new bluray libraries. :)

Libbluray 0.8.0 was released a few days ago, with quite a few new features:

  • Support for BD ISOs directly in the library,
  • Support for streams/virtual devices, through callbacks, like we did for DVD,
  • Support for BD-J Security Manager, to protect and isolate from security issues in the loaded Java code,
  • Access to UDF volume identifier directly in DISC_INFO,
  • Fixes support for Java-8 compilation.

And numerous fixes, of course.

This 0.8.0 release contains almost 200 commits, which makes it quite important, but on par with 0.7.0 and 0.6.0.

You can grab it on you can find on our FTP.

libaacs 0.8.1

At the same time, a release was done for libaacs 0.8.1, to fix a few crashes and build issues. It's also on our FTP.