26th week of VideoLAN reports

This week-end, I really did not feel like writing anything about last week, because... you know... fuck it.





But then, I realized that I shouldn't stop living because some assholes believe the way I live is the wrong one.

So after crying a bit, here is the short (and late) report about last week in the VideoLAN community.

Features and changes


Once again, a week started with fixes about our adaptive streaming support ( :) ), notably the Smooth Streaming part, to support the Language attribute and per-stream Timescale.
Also, the computation of the bandwidth was reworked to supported split-streams (audio and video separated).

During the week, we've also fixed the streams selection (like the language) when changing quality during the adaptivity of the streaming.

We've also improved our chained OggFlac support (#14972 and #10328).

We've continued to fix the seeking, the flushing and pausing regressions in the core, that I spoke about last week.

On the Blu-Ray menu integration side, we've fixed the selection of audio tracks and subtitles tracks from the Blu-Ray menus (and not the usual VLC topbar), and a problem in chapters handling.

Salah fixed an extremely weird bug on our Freetype integration, because of the new font fallback system: #15840).

Finally, we've also worked on the Youtube integration, we've cleaned our audio output and our hardware decoder on Android and fixed a rotation regression.


Since this week, and the next update, VLC on Android will require Android 2.2 (API 8).
I dislike this decision, but the fact that it allows to correctly drop a permission and the fact that the Percent library requires it forced us to do it. If you have a clean way to revert this, please feel free. :)

The audio playlist was rewritten by using the RecyclerView class: this is cleaner, shorter and more Android-like. It will allow us to add more features to this playlist too, (like the duration of each track).

The video list was also updated to use the RecyclerView class. However, this is a bit a smaller change than the playlist.

We've reworked our notification to always show the next and previous buttons: if the playlist is too short, they will restart the current media.

We've added an option in the preferences to remember the brightness level in the video player, if you want.

Geoffrey also did a large refactoring to move the Java code around, so that it makes more sense for the new developers working on our project.

We've also fixed a few crashes reported in the beta program.


Like last week, most of the work was done on Apple TV instead of the iOS application, while we're waiting for the version 2.7.0 to be updated on the store.

Even more than last week, the commits were quite numerous, but I can't speak too much about those features, yet. I hope this will change soon. :)


The work on WinRT was resumed quite a bit, adding new features and fixes to the application:

  • a network panel was added to play and save your streams, like Android and iOS,
  • updated artists and similar artists pages look and features,
  • an updated sidebar menu,
  • updates on colors consistency,
  • speed-ups and crash fixes.

I hope we can provide a release in the next weeks.

That's all for this week! See you soon!