Therefore, we've added support for DVD ISOs (encrypted or not) and DVD menus interactivity in the latest VLC for Android version (

As we support full DVD ISOs, you don't need to rip the DVD, remove the protection or do any transcoding: you just need to do an image of the DVD. This is totally legal in most countries, notably in Europe, since this is for your own usage (or your family).

DVD in action

Here are a few screenshots of VLC on Android with a DVD.

DVD menu interactivity: DVD menu on Android

DVD playback with audio, subtitles selection and menu buttons: DVD menu on Android with OSD

Recycle your old device

Finally, the great thing is that this works quite well also on older Android machines, like on this Motorola Defy. It's a Cortex A-8 800Mhz, running Android 2.2, and was out 4 years ago!

DVD playback on Defy

DVD menu on Motorola Defy

Have fun!