What's new

For libaacs and libbdplus, the updates are minor and are mostly for fixing compilation against new libgcrypt, build system issues and a speed issue in libaacs when using MMC to retrieve the MKB.

For libbluray, this update is a major update.

This release is the first release where the BD-J (the Java interactivity layer) is actually usable.

The Java code was tested on Linux, Windows and MacOS, and it should work with J2ME and J2SE and with both the OpenJDK and Sun/Oracle's JDK projects.

It's quite big, since it adds more 200 commits, mostly in the Java code base (the diff is more than 15kLoC).

In addition to BD-J, it fixes numerous issues on Win32, improves cross-compilation and allows to compile without libxml.


In addition, here are 2 photos of VLC on a rPI, with a USB BD-drive, using VLC 2.2.0 hardware acceleration for decoding.

Note: this is not my setup.

HW.jpg VLC_Playing_BluRay.jpg


Pierre Dandumont made a couple of video of a Blu-Ray with menus.