VLC 2.1.0-rc1

I'm pleased to announce, from the VLC development team, the first release candidate of VLC media player 2.1.0, named RinceWind.

This is a major version, totally more than 7000 commits, improving a lot most parts of VLC and fixing the important issues of the 2.0.x branch.


  • Port of the VLC engine to Mobile OS, including Android, iOS (again), WinRT. This denotes new audio and video outputs, OpenGL ES improvements, including shaders; but also work on the hardware decoding for mobile.
  • A new audio core, including rewrite of most audio output modules. This improves the stability, reactivity (no more volume change lag), volume control (logarithmic), performance, precision (up to 384kHz).
  • An important work on correct playback of new formats and old non-standard files, fixing most of the small regressions on rare formats that we've seen in the 2.0.x branch. New codecs have been added, including G2M4, MSS1/2, SCTE-27, Real Lossless or Ulead DV Audio
  • New protocols and input support have been added like Smooth Streaming, improved MPEG-DASH, improved Blu-Ray; but also a new VNC support and an AVCapture module for OSX.
  • Hardware decoders (Mac OS X, Android) and encoders (Intel QuickSync Video) were also added in this release, to focus on performance.
  • The OS X interface has seen a lot of polishing and fixes, which finishes the work started in 2.0.0 to renew the interface.
  • For developers, libVLC and most libVLC modules are now licensed under the LGPL, a copyleft license that should allow more flexibility for application developers.
  • For web developers, the webplugin has been partially rewritten and now support windowless, allowing CSS transform like 3D and overlaying objects above the video, like Flash does.
  • Many other issues fixed that I forget about.

You can get it now:

Please test it and file bugreports,