2013 has been a good year for libbluray. After a release in April, one in September, we just released libbluray 0.5.0!

A very large part of this release is related to BD-J, the interactive menus of the Blu-Ray specification. Numerous improvements on portability, on menu support, on overlays and system integration are also part of this release.

The Java part of libbluray might even work on Windows now!

Last but not least, libbluray might try to open libmmbd from MakeMKV for decryption.

libaacs release

A new libaacs version has been released too: 0.7.0!

With this one, we are now approaching feature-completion on the AACS standard. One of the main feature that was missing is the support for bus encryption. Additionally, it now supports device keys, internal keys and verification of message authentication codes to have a more precise control of the device.

Maybe libaacs should now focus on other AACS real-life implementation than the Blu-Ray one. :)

libbdplus library

A new library named libbdplus has emerged too! This is the last part of the triforce. :)

This is a totally new library developed to study and research around the BD+ Virtual Machine-based DRM technology.

It implements some of the "BD+ System Specifications" and has been developed in a legal way.

Absolutely NO KEYS and NO configuration files are part of this library.

It's quite early stage, so expect rough edges when working with it :)

How to play a Blu-Ray

So the question now is: How do I play a Blu-Ray?

VLC + Closed tools

The first and simpler solution is to use non open-source software, like MakeMKV or AnyDVD-HD and use VLC to play the Blu-Ray.

It will be simpler with VLC 2.2.0 compiled with libbluray 0.5.0, but that should come soon :)

Free and Open source solutions

To do that, you will need:

  • a libaacs compiled for your system,
  • a libaacs KEYDB.cfg file with the keys for your Blu-Ray,
  • a libbdplus compiled for your system,
  • the libbdplus configuration files for your Blu-Ray disk generation,

and VLC, of course...

Have fun! Happy Holidays!