WinRT platforms

So, here is an update about our port on WinRT platforms.

I now say WinRT platforms, but that means:

  • Windows 8/8.1 ModernUI Metro
  • Windows Phone 8
  • XBox One? (who knows?)

The WinRT platforms have mostly 2 flavors: x86 and ARM. And we'll try to be on both of them.

VLC port status

We have now:

  • support for all usual VLC formats, including MKV and FLAC,
  • audio :D
  • video, (with correct aspect ratios),
  • basic subtitles support,
  • file and network stream support,
  • a simple, but working UI,
  • passing the WACK certification,
  • working on Windows 8 and 8.1.


Those are the current screenshots, and you can even see some actual bugs. Main_Start_Screen.png Main-Library.png Playback_2.png Playback_3.png

Readying the release

We are preparing the release, fixing the important bugs, notably an audio crash that got us rejected from the store. We have numerous small bugs that are annoying, notably some thumbnails, crashing and the audio browsing part.

We hope to work on it until this week-end and then submit once again.

Open source

As soon as we have one release out, all the code will be open sourced, and we will welcome contributions, notably on the UI/XAML part.


At the same time, we're spending quite a bit of time to get a working version for ARM, so we can deploy on Windows RT too. We don't know exactly how much time, but we hope it's a matter of weeks. The issues are mostly compiler related.

Windows Phone should not need a lot of extra work for the API, but will require some work for files management. Adaptation of the basic UI should be simple enough.

Thanks a lot.