KickStarter for VLC on Metro

As you might have heard, some developers of the VideoLAN team have started a kickstarter quest to crowdfound a port of VLC on WinRT.

The reason for this kickstarter is that porting VLC to WinRT will be hard and long, if we don't speed it up.

And yet, quite a few people seem to think the task will be simple, like on neowin or Hacker News.

I'm all for funding 40k pounds for VLC (they deserve it), but 40k under the guise of Metro seems a bit much, no?

I dont know but just creating a metro UI shouldn't be that hard should it?

The Windows RT app should be trivial to make... As long as they aren't using Win32 API's, it should just be a matter of recompiling for RT and correcting whatever few bugs they encounter.

Well, no, this is not too much.
We are not the kind of person asking money for nothing, I think we've proven that during all those years.

Let me explain why.

Why we need a KickStarter for VLC on Metro

Designing a UI above VLC, for the "Modern Experience" is quite easy, and we've already done a few proofs of concept.
Finding a designer would be simple and 1k$ for the project would be too much already :) It would take a couple of months and we would be done with it.

The issue is to get on the store. And this is hard.

Why is that?

VLC (and its underlying libraries, including codecs, networking access or demuxers) represents around 7 Million Lines of Code in C, C++ and ASM languages. And all of this code is following C99 standard and has inline ASM.

Visual Studio cannot eat that code in any way. Believe me, we tried. A lot. So we need to compile the VLC for Windows on Linux, using gcc and mingw.

Unfortunately, this does not work on WinRT ("Modern UI" or whatever you like to call it). WinRT restricts a lot the Win32 APIs. And only the Windows Store knows which ones are allowed.

For example, the BSD sockets are gone... Yes, this is not a joke.
They work on Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS, Solaris, Android, QNX, WP8, WinCE but not WinRT.


So, we need to:

  • change and update our toolchains,
  • fix MingW for WinRT, in the best way we can,
  • link to the newer Windows runtime,
  • list the problematic APIs,
  • rewrite the code that is using Win32 APIs since 10 years (and in all underlying libraries too...),
  • drop some modules or isolate some code,
  • write new replacement code,
  • write a new interface above all this,
  • design the interface correctly,
  • fix the code using windows HWND,
  • port the audio and video outputs,
  • work-around the sandbox for DVD and BluRay playback,
  • probably write a WinSock2 replacement library to build all the cross-platform libraries that expect a BSD-socket-like library,
  • port to ARM,
  • etc...

Add to that the need to modify MingW to output dlls that we can load on ARM (Windows RT) and do the same project for the different APIs present on WP8.


As you can see, a lot of the work is not really on VLC, but on being able to compile for WinRT with open source tools, since Microsoft tools are not enough. And a lot of work will be work-around the limitations of WinRT.

Of course, a lot of the work will be re-usable to other projects.

So, yes, we will need quite a few developers to do all that. We can do the Android route, and it might take a couple of years to get it there, or we can try to get some money to speed it up...