Video Output modification, continued

I was previously detailing VLC 1.2.x improvements on the video output, a few weeks ago.

Subtitles quality

In comments, on this blogpost and on our IRC, people made a good point that the subtitles improvements were not enough.

Indeed, compared to MPC-HC or VSFilter, the lisibility wasn't the best, and it was notably missing a few options.

Point taken

Since then, VLC devs have added a few things:

  • better outline with options: thickness, color and opacity
  • a parametric shadow: distance, angle, color, opacity
  • a better parametric blackbox: color and opacity

This is an update of the previous rendering on the same video with the shadow and a think outline. VLC 1.2 Subtitle display part 2

And here is a screenshot of the complete preferences part. VLC 1.2 subtitle display preferences

Read the update about VLC formats support in VLC 1.2.0