Being faster is cool, but let’s not forget that multimedia moves fast.

So here are a few improvements that you can expect in VLC 1.1.0.

Codecs, demuxers and protocols

In addition to than GPU/DSP decoding (see my previous post), VLC 1.1.0 will bring:

  • DVB HD subtitles
  • PGS Subtitles from Blu-Ray dumps
  • sftp protocol
  • Atrac1 audio codec
  • Indeo5 video codec
  • AMR (Narrow Band) audio codec
  • Windows Media Voice/Speech audio codec
  • Improved Flac support (7.1 and 88.2/176.4/192 kHz support)
  • 7.1 Vorbis audio support
  • ADPCM in flv files
  • DVD-Audio files .aob, so you can play your DVD-Audio files on your computer
  • vqf, amv, wpl and zpl file support
  • Midi files on Windows port!

And more features…

  • CDDB support on Windows
  • Podcast images
  • Enhancements to our Ambilight support
  • Extensions in lua script
  • Services in lua script
  • Chorus and Flanger audio filter
  • Visualisation using scripted .milk files
  • Windows 7 taskbar integration

That’s all for the major features, that are visible to the users…

What is important, is that VLC isn’t getting bloated by all this, and I’ll explain that in my next article.