You may have followed the ongoing dispute around You may also have no idea what scrobbling is (it is a way to post the music names what you listen to).

Some alternative exists.

VLC and

VLC since 0.9.x can scrobble on all platforms to database and website. Since it was cool addition, and VLC gets more and more audio support, this seemed a good idea and people liked it.

VLC and

Some of you know the alternative to It is a free software platform that gets your scrobble and will display them, like

So far, it is VERY limited compared to

VLC 1.0.0 and

VLC 1.0.0 is able to be configured to scrobble to any scrobbler (like Configuration of VLC to use

Position of VLC team

So far, the default stays on, but the possibility to scrobble to something else is here. We will see how the future goes.

Do as your heart tells you and share your music!