I know Phoronix people don't come around here, and that most people reading this blog don't care, but anyway...

GPU video decoding on Linux

On linux, decoding video using GPU means different standards:

Fortunately, we can use VDPAU (nVidia) as a backend to VAAPI. And there is a very nice library, named libva.


So far, most patches were done on MPlayer and FFmpeg, but here we go:


The sample is a M2TS with H.264 encoded at 32Mbps. Decoding is done without audio and subs and with a command line interface.


The perfs are quite nice, but they might be better. Why?

Because we don't output directly the video, we just take it back from the decoder, so we have a lot of memcpy, which explains why the decoding could be faster, but isn't...

Does this mean I can decode using GPU and then restream using VLC?

In theory, yes. Not tested yet :D