This post is an update of the popular howto for Build VLC with feisty and Build VLC with hardy.

Those articles are always popular on my blog, so here is an update.


So we are going to build the latest VLC possible.

Everything will be done in a console/terminal and should be straight-forward. Every question should be asked on the forum, or in the comments here.


Every line beginning with a # should be done as root, or using the sudo command. Every line beginning witha % is a normal line.

Building VLC

Prepare your environment

We need a few package starting from a fresh intrepid:

# apt-get install vlc
# apt-get build-dep vlc 
# apt-get install cvs build-essential git git-core automake1.9 libtool
# apt-get install libcddb2-dev libzvbi-dev yasm

Checkout VLC trunk and bootstrap the tree

% git clone git://

% cd vlc
% ./bootstrap

Build x264


x264 is a library to encode movies in H.264.

% cd extras/
% git clone git://
% cd x264
% make
% sudo make install
% cd ../..

Configure VLC


% mkdir build; cd build;
%../configure --prefix=/usr --enable-mozilla


% make

You just have to wait a bit :D