SourceForget Awards

As some of you know it, VLC media player won a Community Choice Award this year (2008). Organised by our friend from SourceForge, this was the first year that the contest was opened to outside the strict SourceForge Community.

The award just arrived to my house, and I can now share some photos.


The whole VideoLAN Team would love to thanks so many times people from and from their overlord SourceForge Inc. for their dedication, time and work around this event.

Special Kudos go to Ross Turk.


You can find all the photos on VideoLAN's people.


The award ceremony was during the OSCON '08 in Portland, that I attended.

However, I did not know that we were selected for the finals, so, during the ceremony, I was geeking with some Qt4 dude I had meet there... No comment...

Anyway, this was fun and great and I am so glad for everything.