This is a short post about subtitles support in VLC.

Current support

As it is released, VLC doesn't support a lot of subtitles, especially the text based ones.

Moreover, SSA/ASS subtitles script don't get all the styling they need.

Development support

Some work has been done so farĀ :

  • USF complete decoding
  • HTML improvements for styling
  • SSA/ASS complete rewriting
  • Ogg/Kate support
  • AQTitle support
  • MPSub support
  • MPL2 support
  • RealText basic support
  • PowerDivx support
  • DKS support
  • SubViewer 1.0 support
  • JacoSub basic support (no styles yet)


I know it is not enough and it has come late, but we are catching up :D