Personnal thought on the CES

This was my first CES and my first time in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is a crazy city, to see at least once in a man's life. I am not sure I would spend long holidays there or go there with my girlfriend/wife. But some casinos are not buildings but monuments.

CES 2008 was a good show, but had some big failures:

  • CES is too much on marketing and not enough technological for me. This is a bit of a shame.
  • There are too many babes and women on the stands and not enough on the other side of the stands.
  • There were too few technical information, so we can't see the difference between a great product and a great presentation.
  • Wireless connection and transportation sucked.

CES 2008 showed some winners and tendencies. No actual surprises, but confirmations:

  • Blu Ray vs HD-DVD
  • Wireless between devices ( Wifi, USB-W, 60Ghz, 5.8Ghz )
  • HD 1080p, 120hz and more
  • TV-connected device, Home server and centralization
  • Domotic isn't ready yet
  • Design/Art can be important for every technological device
  • Green and ecology friendly
  • Phones aren't phones anymore, they do eveything
  • Games can get companies a lot of money


I have counted 6 VLC media player in action on the different stands.