Last day in Vegas

For my last day in vegas, I woke up a bit earlier than usually, checked out and went straight to the Venetian.

Main Sands convention center

Those stands were more numerous and smaller, and a lot from small OEM companies from south-east asia, so I was less interested by those.

However, there were some cool robots, some nice iPod extensions, and a lot of gadgets everywhere. I had time to talk wiht some musicIP people.

There were some same of the cool stuffs all over the place, but not really compelling.

CES Design awards

This part was supposed to be one of the top interesting part of the CES... It wasn't. Some were pretty good, but overall, the quality wasn't, especially when they give awards to atomchip.

The only cool part was the wireless and intelligent kitchen.

Las vegas convention center

So I went back to the main convention center and the south halls.


I went to test the lebedev Optimus Maximus keyboard, which is really a good stuff.

I was afraid that the feeling of this keyboard was too hard, but it wasn't.

I was also concerned about the reactivity of the modification of the keys symbol. I shouldn't had been concerned.

A bit expensive, but it works pretty well.

Acer EEE

I went again to the EEE stand from ACER and tried to talk to some engineer in order to hack it to install a software on it, like a VLC :D

They use a derivate of Xandros, but there is almost no way of accessing a console or installing stuffs inside without destroying it. We boot to a console by modifying the GRUB command line. Most programs now are a derivate of KDE 3.5 applications.

The laptop is light and beautiful, the screen is too small, but next generation will do it.

I may buy one soon


I went back to see iRiver since they had a lot of announces, and I played with the new models.

I personnaly really like the P10 PMP, but I have to check it more soon.

Lenovo IdeaPad

As I use a T61p, I wanted to test more the ideaPad.

It is a good product, but for lower-entry market and too fragile, with a bad screen. This isn't for a geek but for attacking low-money markets. I just hope that the commercialization will see some better resolutions

TEH end

I will not attend the last day of the CES, I have seen enough of everything.

Back to hotel, last dollar lost in a casino, plane and back home.