This blogpost will be linear, following my progress of installation:

I did download the SP1 RC from Microsoft Website. This package is around 440MB. It took the French Version because my Vista Version is in French.

As I don't really use Vista at all, this is almost a clean installation of Vista.


Once launched, the exe warns you that you need at least 7Gb of disk (sigh!) and that it can take up to one hour!

After a problem-less process and 15minutes of slider progression, the system reboots.

1st reboot

The start of the computer is a bit longer than usual. The usual 'Updates configuration' screen is shown. And it reboots another time without letting me log in.

2nd reboot

The system reboots for another long start, and yet another 'Updates configuration' screen instead of the login is shown. But then I can log without any problem.

Failure 0x800F0826

And then Vista tells me it couldn't install my computer because error 0x800F0826.

Googling it didn't really helped...

Let's try again. Re-check that my Vista is up to date. Reboot.

Try again

So I restarted the whole process. Reboot. update. Reboot automatically. Updates. Same error.


I am not a computer illiterate, I have a legit Vista Ultimate Version, I fully made the updates before and follow the process like documented, but it still fails. I could try to read the logs or anything, but I won't. I'll wait for the official release.


Solution can be found here: