Debian and Ubuntu migrations

Spring has begun a few weeks ago and the big migration time started during april.

GNU/Linux Debian etch 4.0 was out early April and Ubuntu (GNU/Linux too, even if they don't admit it :D) too with feisty 7.04 version.

I had to migrate a few machines. I am not what you can call a n00b about linux ( and debian ) administration...


I had four machines to migrate (mostly my family's computers). Three were running edgy (6.10), and the last one was still running dapper (6.06).


Well, I tried to migrate those with the GUI thing. One achieved it. The two other failed to launch. So I migrate those with the terminal ( that was the most natural thing to do for me... ).

Results Well, the one I migrated with the GUI just rebooted did not have any wifi. A bit of /etc/network/interfaces tweaking did the trick.

The other one did not had any X. ATI drivers failure or something... It took a bit longer to make it work... But definitively, my sister wouldn't have been able to do it.

The final one did not want to boot at all... grub tweaking, updates and kernel modules updates but finally it went correctly. Not so difficult after all.


Come on! That was a complete failure. I know I shouldn't update from dapper to feisty but still... Complete failure



I had three different machines to migrate.

Nothing important to notice on the servers (mainly except postfix and nut).

The desktop one was a bit trickier, especially, configuration and GNOME setup. Grub was fun, as usual... But well, not so difficult.