So we are going to build the latest VLC possible.

Everything will be done in a console/terminal and should be straight-forward. Every question should be asked on the forum, or in the comments here.


Every line beginning with a # should be done as root, or using the sudo command. Every line beginning witha % is a normal line.

Building VLC

Prepare your environment

We need a few package starting from a fresh feisty:

# apt-get build-dep vlc 
# apt-get install subversion automake1.9 libtool cvs
# apt-get install libgcrypt-dev

Checkout VLC trunk and bootstrap the tree

% svn co svn:// vlc

% cd vlc
% ./bootstrap

Build ffmpeg and x264


x264 is a library to encode movies in H.264.

% cd extras/
% svn co svn:// x264
% cd x264
% make
% cd ..


ffmpeg is a codec library

# apt-get install libfaac-dev liblame-dev

% svn co svn:// ffmpeg
% cd ffmpeg
% ./configure --enable-gpl --enable-pp \ 
               --enable-pthreads --enable-libmp3lame  \ 
% make
% cd ..

% cd ..

Configure VLC

More packages

Yet a few package to install :D

# apt-get install libfaad2-dev libtwolame-dev libqt4-dev libjack-dev


% mkdir build; cd build;
%../configure --prefix=/usr \
        --enable-snapshot --enable-debug \
        --enable-dbus-control --enable-musicbrainz \
        --enable-shared-libvlc --enable-mozilla \
        --enable-lirc \
        --with-ffmpeg-tree=../extras/ffmpeg \
        --enable-x264 --with-x264-tree=../extras/x264 \
        --enable-shout --enable-taglib \
        --enable-v4l  \
        --enable-dvb  \
        --enable-realrtsp --disable-xvmc \
        --enable-svg   --enable-dvdread \
        --enable-dc1394 --enable-dv \
        --enable-theora --enable-faad \
        --enable-twolame --enable-real \
        --enable-flac --enable-tremor \
        --with-ffmpeg-mp3lame --with-ffmpeg-faac \
        --enable-skins2 --enable-qt4 \
        --enable-ncurses \
        --enable-aa --enable-caca \
        --enable-esd --disable-portaudio \
        --enable-jack --enable-xosd \
        --enable-galaktos --enable-goom \
        --enable-ggi \
        --disable-cddax --disable-vcdx \


% make

You just have to wait a bit :D