Hello to everyone,

This blog has been silent for a couple of weeks. I am so sorry. Let me explain you why.

Google Summer of Code

I had to finish all the stuff about the new students, a lot of discussion, reviews and choices for GSoC. All the team trusted me on the choice, so, that was difficult. But I am very happy with everything we have come up with.

Thanks Google!

Holidays and elections

  • Two weeks ago, it was easter's week end,
  • Last week, I was in Bretagne to help for one of my friends' wedding,
  • Yesterday, I was in Paris, for the French presidential elections.

Therefore, I wasn't home enough to work and document for VLC.

0.8.6b release

As some have noticed we had a small release on VLC branch. This is going to be the latest on this branch, I think. But I had to do win32 binaries and source tarballs... We still have issues with Vista, but well, until drivers are correctly written, we cannot do what we want...

0.9.0 - Qt4

I was chasing bugfix and not really adding new features. This will change in the next few days.