VLC's official name is "VLC media player".

That may seem weird, but that is true. In fact, for many people VLC means VideoLAN Client, like in the old days... But the name has changed.

So they don't understand that VLC is not just a player, but also a streaming server, and a transcoding software... Those people still compare VLC to mplayer when they should compare it to mplayer + mencoder or to WMP + WME.


This is because the old VLS "VideoLan Server" is deprecated and all the features are now in VLC, so we don't need VLS anymore.

Everyday, someone comes and ask something about VLS and does not understand that VLC media player is also a server. Even VLC page on wikipedia does not speak a lot of the encoding and streaming possibilities...

A better name ?

Maybe, afterall, the VLC name is not so good, neither the "player", "VLC media center" could be better ? But it is too much copied on Windows Media Center...

Any solution ? No, just wait, and make some docs on it, change wikipedia page and VLC website. I am doing it as soon as I have some time.