Here are some features that are often asked, but still not implemented. A lot of features that are asked are already in VLC (like flv, wmv, extra audio...)

  • Full-screen buttons and control
  • Full-screen buttons and control :D

This is marked twice since this feature is a lot more asked than the others.

  • Browser plugin buttons and control

If this plugin could detect and replace flash player or embedded windows media player, it would great. damienf could look at this.

  • Subtitles improvements

I would love this one. It could mean a lot of changes in Vout, but would be so great, because VLC is so bad at handling subtitles compared to MPC.

  • Global hotkeys

To control VLC, even doing something else. I have no idea how to do this...

  • Better hotkeys

A better mapping of the key and better preferences for thoses key shortcuts would be great. Maybe in Qt GUI.

  • Better UI

This is under work for vlc 0.9.0, and we might do a real skins2 contest for 0.9.0.

  • RealVideo

This is unlikely to happen. Those bloob are not wanted. I am very glad that VLC can now read by itself WMV movies, without those dlls.

  • RTSP/RTCP improvement (for VoD mainly)

This is more for pros.

  • Port to PalmOS, MacOS9, PS3, etc...

I think PalmOS has some problem dealing with threads, MacOS-9 is a bad OS, and no dev runs it. PS3 should be doable, since it is PPC based, but we may need material. And all those ports need a lot of work and time, and VideoLAN is a bit short-staffed.