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27 November 2008

Back in Paris

Hello people, anonymous readers and other people.

As some of you already know, friends or social services users, I am back in Paris officially.

After one amazing year in San Francisco, California, I am back home, jobless (for now) and glad to go on for new aventures...

My old CellPhone and address are still valid...

See you soon.

3 November 2008

Blog back on track and Update to DC 2.1

Hello to you lovely readers...

I know this blog has been inactive for a long time now, and I should work back on it.

The thing is that a lot of stuffs happened to me IRL and on VideoLAN work, so I hadn't a lot of time to work on it.

Anyway, this should change in the future...

And for that, I just udpated to the latest version of Dotclear 2.1 :D

21 July 2008

/quit job


Just to tell you that I will leave my job in San Francisco (CA) on the 28th of september).

Short post from British Columbia :D

30 March 2008


If you are not a geek:

I am 25

If you are a geek


22 December 2007

Happy Holidays - Bonne Vacances

Merry Xmas, Happy New Year to everyone I won't see before a few weeks!

Joyeux Noël, Bonne année à tous!

19 October 2007

Arrivé à San Francisco

Ça y est ! Je suis enfin arrivé à San Francisco...

Demain, au boulot!

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